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* man: Skip installation of ipsec.conf/secrets manpages when not building starterMartin Willi2014-09-221-1/+5
* conf: Generate strongswan.conf(5) man page in different directoryTobias Brunner2014-02-121-2/+1
* Build generated man pages via configure scriptTobias Brunner2013-09-131-12/+5
* Use the GEN silent rule when generating files with sedMartin Willi2013-05-061-1/+1
* Add random plugin options to strongswan.conf.5Martin Willi2012-09-101-0/+2
* Added strongswan.conf(5) stub.Tobias Brunner2010-09-101-3/+3
* Moved man pages for config files to a separate directory.Tobias Brunner2010-09-101-0/+11